Lip Sunscreen and Sunblock’s the Best Uses for Personal Care

lip sunscreen

 Keeping all these in mind, if you don’t use any best lip sunscreen on lips it will because unexpected damage causing a long-term effect. Direct exposure to sunlight may increase the possibility of skin cancer. It may also cause damage to your cells resulting in dark and malnourished lips. It’s better to use a lip … Read more

Cause and Effect of Lip Filler at Home: DIY Lip Injection

Lip Filler at home

Aren’t we want to look drop-dead gorgeous, rejuvenating to our special one? Definitely, we want. That’s why we don’t mind to the line or glossed our beautiful lips with sexy coated color. It seems, without heart shape or round shape lips it makes us sunken even after a flawless makeup. But what happens if you … Read more

Having Painful Chapped & Windburned Lips? Treat and Prevent

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Are you amazed by finding the word ‘windburn’ as you might have heard of sunburn or burnt in any other way and so thinking how wind can burn something? If you are still oblivious to this fact, then don’t be perplexed anymore because here in this article we will present you with the details of … Read more

Honey for Chapped Lips: Use Honey Naturally to Protect Dry Lips

Honey for chapped lips

Lips are pretty delicate things. The upper part is Labium superius oris and the lower part is our Labium inferius oris. Collectively they form an enormously sensitive, incredibly flexible part of our body. However, they also have some vulnerabilities. For instance, the skin of the lips is different from the rest of the face. And … Read more

Top 7 Proper Lip Care Tips(Some Bonus Too)

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Oh ladies, do you know that your lips are the most amazing and sensitive part of your face? The source of eternal beauty? Foster regularly to get sweet pink moistened lips. It’s time to take proper lip care home remedies for dark lips. You should make a lip care routine. Let’s get started to find … Read more

How to Get the Matte Touch without Matte Lipstick

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Getting ready for a party one day with a colorful ocean blue dress. After finishing the makeup applied the lipstick. No, not feeling good. The lipstick texture is too much gloss. I didn’t have any matte lipstick of that color. With this in mind, I thought that I had to make it matte Otherwise, it … Read more

Lip Infection: All about Fighting it (Causes & Symptoms)

Lip Infection

Want to smile overtly; speak comfortably; but can’t always do, due to the frequent problem in lip in different seasons. Have you faced that? I think – definitely yes. According to WHO, around 67% of world people are prone to oral herpes, and others lip infection. Like the healthy skin, a healthy lip can protect … Read more