Vitamin E Oil For Lip Care: Best Way of How to Protect Lips?

vitamin e for lips

Eating, speaking, whistling, kissing, pouting selfies on Facebook… all become possible with a pair of lips. But, owing to merciless winter, lack of care, and dry air, your lips could become chapped and split. Now, imagine, instead of your lips looking dark, chapped, and dry; they were soft, lush, and gorgeous. These are the best …

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How can I get a pair of attractive and healthy lips?

healthy lips

Wake up with swollen lips: how to get relief by 12 effective natural remedies?

Wake up with swollen lips

When you get rid of the swollen lips and obtained the healthy, soft, beautiful lips, then your beloved is found ‘your lips are so sweet am like de honey’.

DIY Exfoliating Lip Scrub At Home For Sensitive Lips

Exfoliating lip scrub

Dry lips always ruin our pretty looks. It makes a person embarrassed in front of others. Using this DIY exfoliating lip scrub, the lips can get a pretty and nourishing look with and without makeup.