How to Make Pure Natural Lip Balm At Home: The Best Process

Pure Natural Lip Balm

Your lip balm doesn’t meet the expected moisture to your lips? Are you fed up with the runny petroleum jelly? Can you not trust the apparent chemical-based lip products? Well, a piece of good news for you! You can easily make your very own self-made lip balm by some easy grabbing all-natural elements. I was … Read more

Black Spots on Lips: Causes, Symptoms & Home Treatment

black spots on lips

Having dark or black spots on lips can bring down your confidence as they influence the presence of your lips and your general look. You can achieve spotless lips with some little efforts and quality materials.

The Dark Side of Lipstick: Side Effects of Lipstick


For a woman, there is nothing more delightful than her perfectly colored lips. That’s why lipstick is an important part of a woman’s lifestyle. It makes her beautiful, elegant and it is surely one of the most important elements of her make-up kit. However, beauty may come at a price. There are some side effects … Read more

The Color of Lips Expectations VS Reality


The structure and skin color of lips differ on an individual’s body condition. As the barrier function of lip skin is very low and consists of more water substance in the outermost skin, it gets dry easily compare to any other parts of the body. Although the natural lip color is light pinkish and the … Read more

How to Treat Sunburned Lips with Prevention Methods

how to treat sunburned lips

Sunburned Lips? The most painful, irritating phase that we all relate with at some time is sunburned lips! In this case, many people want to know how to treat sunburned lips by using natural ingredients at home. Sunburned lips are the state of the skin where it gets inflamed, flaky, unusually red or swollen if … Read more

10 Best Natural Home Remedies for Lip Issues


Why Use Natural Home Remedies? Why are natural home remedies more effective in healing lip issues? Have you ever tried them? Well, today we will know about this topic. Lip infection is, not to mention, a hamper to your beautiful smile, an ugly thing in the way of your beauty and confidence. Again, it creates … Read more

Lip Eczema or Dermatitis is Not An Infectious Disease

Lip eczema feature

Are you afraid how to get rid of lip eczema disease? And whether your lips can be stained? Well, here I will describe this topic like what is this eczema, symptoms, causes, treatment, remedies, reduce and lightening scars, etc. and hope that it will be helpful for you. What is Lip Eczema There are various … Read more