Cold Sore on Lip: Stages, Causes, Facts, Symptoms and the Treatment

Do you think that the cold sore on lips attacks only in winter? As the name suggests, most of us think about the infection in cold weather. Apparently, it triggers in cold weather by activation of the virus, Herpes Simplex; but you can face it in all the seasons. You can have the natural treatment for cold sore on lip stages to cure it.

Cold Sore Facts:

  • Generally, cold sore scab appears with the virus type 1-Herpes Simplex.
  • This viral infection lasts for 7 to 10 days.
  • Most importantly the causes of it, the virus remains in the body over time and get back to the action at any time
  • So it’s high time to get a proper healing process and prevention.

Last of all, Fever blister or cold sore on lips, whatever you define it with, is the most common problem on the lips. In general, eight in ten people are attacked by this sore on the inside of the lip. A person can get the virus affected in early 10 years old age. After then it starts triggering in the different time.

Cold Sore on Lip Stages

1. Creeping Stage

It is the initiation stage. There is an irritating sensation in the spot on which sore is going to take place and starts to be swollen & reddish. Cold sore tingling lasts 1 to 2 days. It is the early signs of a cold sore.

2. Blister Stage

Then a fluid-filled blister appeared, or it can create a cluster of blisters. It lasts 2 to 3 days.

3. Dripping Stage

After that one day, the blister breaks open, and the fluids come out. The spot gets a reddish touch that turns into gray. It is the problematic stage because the liquid comes from the blister makes it contagious of the virus.

4. Crusting Stage

Henceforth, it becomes crusted within 3 or 4 days and becomes so itchy and fiery. It is the stage when the cold sores are not contagious anymore. Many ask that when is a cold sore healed enough to kiss? then remember that it is the right stage of doing this.

5. Healing Stage:

At last the crust flakes off and the place becomes covered with the upper skin. It doesn’t leave a scar on the surface in this stage.

Are cold sores contagious? Yes, the most contagious position of herpes in lips during dripping and crusting period. In other words, it is contagious in the middle stage of the virus attack.

What Causes Cold Sores

Cold Sore on lips treatment

The virus transmits in many ways:

  • Close contact: touching lips by any means or kissing can carry the virus to another body.
  • Sharing a cup or glass: sharing feeding utensils can cause the transmission of the virus.
  • Sharing lipsticks or oral brush: sharing lipstick or any other such types cosmetic or toothbrush can create the contagiousness.

 What Triggers Your Cold Sore?

  • Too much stress:  When you are emotionally fatigue, then the immunity of your body reduces, and the virus finds it easy to come back to your body.
  • Exposure to excess sunlight: An Ultraviolet ray of sun can burn your skin internally along with lips and can expose to the cold sore or a pimple.  Generally, excessive heats can cause problems.
  • Weak immune system:  Basically, you don’t have to kill the virus. The matter is that all of us have many types of infection in our bodies. It is the body or immune system of us that heals itself the virus. So, if you have a weak immune system, you can get attacked by different viruses, while others are free of it.
  • Hormonal fluctuation: Sometimes for some genetic reasons, there may be a change in your hormonal system; during pregnancy, menstrual period, the effect of medication, etc.
  • Fatigue: Physical tiredness without proper sleep makes you fatigue and thus exposed to the risk of this herpes simplex or fever blister on the lip.
  • Digestive problems: when you have irregular bowel syndrome or digestion complexity, then the virus tends to attack and creates the cold sore or a pimple.

Some Facts about Cold Sores on Lips

  • Cold sore is associated with that virus, that is dormant under the cell of the human body. Here it sleeps in the nerve of a human body.
  • Cold sore inside mouth is more common. Frequent cold sores are natural.
  • It continuously finds an active cell for an attack. When it sees a body reduces the strength of fighting the disease it wakes up.
  • The sore makes the swollen lip on one side.
  • As the virus hides in the nerve cell, it’s somewhat impossible to kill the virus of herpes.
  • Around one-third person has the cold sore on the same place recurrently.
  • Recently, experts have warned that herpes – 1, the cold sore, can cause Alzheimer’s disease. But it’s controversial.

Diagnosis to Know the Cold Sore

Apparently, no determination to be made for this because usually, frequent lip sores occur on the lips. But if you want to make a test, virus culture and polymerase chain reaction are available; the PCR test is done by swabbing a rub in the blister before it begins to crust.  Usually, the test works best in the first 24 to 48 hours before the blister has crusted over.

Canker Sore vs. Cold Sore

Cold Sore
Cold Sore Picture
Canker Sore
Canker Sore Picture

Canker sore usually breaks through on the inside of the mouth or inner lips in the first stage. Apparently, the sore looks like the oval white shape and a red shade in the middle of the oval. Sometimes the sore causes pain and irritability during eating or brushing. The most confusing area is that both are frequent. Once got the sore, can appear frequently. This tends to seem the canker sore as like cold sore. You can have the question that, is canker sore contagious?  No, the canker sore inside lip is less likely severe and not contagious at all. The canker sore cure is moderately easy compared to cold sores.

Cold sore or a pimple usually occurs outside the lips and appears in many stages like creeping, blister, cluster, etc. The cause of it is the herpes virus which sleeps in the body of persons and gets activated at times. This is severe contagious, so patients have to keep themselves far from the dear ones.

You can also take a look at what Black Health TV says-

Protecting Your Babies from Risk of Cold  Sore

The neonatal baby is at higher risk of-of the viral infection and can have severe symptoms. It can cause the disease to the brain. During the first month of birth, the babies the cold sore is too much risk. It is entirely prohibited to kiss the neonatal babies in any situation. An older infant can have the level of severity as like an adult, so the risk reduces after two months of age. If the mom has caught cold sore, especially on the lips, then her attachment to the babies must be made limited but not isolated in the primary stage. Mom should continue breastfeeding and others. Moms should have to be careful whole the period, as nobody can be sure that when the sore is much contagious.

There are some ways to keep babies or kids protected:

  • Always wash hands before touching the babies as you are not sure when you touch the sore.
  • Never kiss the babies on the lips or other arms.
  • Try to teach the baby not to rub the eyes with hands.
  • The virus transmitted to the internal bodies through the eyes is much more dangerous.
  • Make the cloths and towels separate and also the washing procedure.

Always contact to doctor if any blisters are seen on your baby’s eye or any other complications.

Natural Cold Sore Blister Stage Treatment

Eat Lots of Immune Boosting Foods

  • Mushroom: it is a Chinese medicine often used to strengthen the immune system there. If someone feels fatigued or less immunity, they consume chicken broth with lots of veggies, Mushroom, Ginger, onion, herbs, etc.
  • Garlic: In the ancient times without higher medical consultancy, people recognize it as the immune boosting foods.
  • Citrus foods: The element of Citrus fruit, vitamin C, is an essential fighter against weak immunity. It increases the flow of white cell in the blood.
  • Yogurt: It is full of probiotic and vitamin c. You can absorb the best result without mixing sugar. Add some sweet fruits to sweeten it
  • Red Bell pepper: Not only Citrus, but red Bell pepper also contains extra vitamin c and Beta Carotene; which is good for healthy skin and eye.
  • Broccoli: Super-food with lots of vitamin and mineral; but keep in mind the less cooked, the more energized.
  • Almond: Vitamin E helps to kill the cold sore. You can intake vitamin E by mixing almond with milk. It is full of healthy fat, which is called a fat-soluble vitamin.
  • Nuts and seeds: Increase the intake of zinc, by sesame seeds and almonds. These are full Of copper, vitamin, and Zinc. These contain antioxidants, which are suitable for a robust immune system. You can take the Zinc supplement tablet of 30 mg per day, for 30 days twice if you come down with a cold sore.

Take L-Lysin

L –Lysin is an amino-acid, really supports to strengthen your immune system. It supports to kill the virus of Herpes Simplex, that is responsible for Cold sore. The virus needs the amino acid arginine which gives the flame to symptoms. Lysin fight with the arginine to absorb it and limit by. It actually suspends the supply of food to the virus. So it is an effective element to cure the cold sore.

Apply Sunscreen

Exposure to sunlight for 30 minutes can help to get you a lot of vitamin D, but you are not supposed to burn your face or lips. It would increase the risk of getting a cold sore. Always use a good brand sunscreen. You should apply a good range of sunscreen on your lips at least 15 minutes before sunlight and reapply it at least every 2 hours.

Drink Echinacea Tea

Echinacea TeaEchinea is one of the natural remedies, which provides the immunity power to get the strength back. It is the part of a purple coneflower plant. It dries out and then is cut into pieces to turn into capsules, tablets or tea element. Taking Echinacea tea is useful for healing any cold sore. Besides drinking tea, you can apply the tea Bag, by suppressing it on the areas for 4 to 5 minutes. Echinacea along with goldenseal plant is much more efficient in treating cold sore.  It is very comfortable and hugely beneficial for cold sore. You can take 200 mg of Echinacea and 150 mg of the golden seal 4 times daily to treat the sore most effectively and quickly.

Ice It

Use ice as soon as you see the cold sore. Yes, the most available ingredient to treat cold sore. Get some ice and apply it on the sore, don’t forget to cover it with a towel to get the skin free of frozen balm. You will feel much comfort by icing the area. Apply the ice at best 15 minutes 4 to 5 times a day. But remember, using it from the very beginning will provide you the best results. Cold sores cool compress is good for the lip swelling.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is suitable for any types of cold sore and others. It mollifies the Herpes virus and heels the spot from swollen. Aloe-Vera contains some essentials that work against the activists of sore like fatty acid, hormone, mineral, amino acid, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, etc. So apply it to the lips 3 to 4 times daily. It reduces the pain of core blisters and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Given these points, the cold sore on lips is a huge thing you got to know. Remember in the very 1st place, be Proactive. If you don’t get enough sleep, or you are going through lots of emotional distress, you are feeling dying; let’s fix the problems and be active. Therefore, go for a massage, go for a walk, get a warm bath, or whatever you like. Keep in mind to include supplement C & E, Zinc, and L- Lysin to your diet daily; as these are exclusively beneficial for the cold sore.

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