Frequently Asked Questions

The whole team of lip care specialist of Lip Smiley is here only for you. They are always ready to inform you about every single tip & tricks to keep your lip beautiful & protected. You will get all the answers of any silly to serious questions here. So let’s get started with the Frequently Asked Questions answering session.

Is there any home remedies for permanent dark spot removing?

Yes. Here, you can get lots of home remedies for removing your dark spot naturally. There is no side effect yet. You can use those without any kind of hesitation. The ingredients are also easy to access. You can easily get it in your kitchen. The components are like, coconut oil, almond oil, sugar, turmeric, honey, beetroot, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice etc. besides this you can follow some lip care tips too.

Why lip infection causes?

There are so many causes of lip infection. Some are like this- Herpes Simplex,  Angular Cheilitis,  Lip Cancer, Nutritional Deficiency, Use of Unreliable Cosmetics,
Consumption of More Acidic Foods or Citrus Fruits, Accidental Biting, Ill-Fitting Braces, Dehydration, Damage from Sun Rays,  Tobacco Use, Cold Climate,  Lip Piercing Effect.

How can I find out the types of infection?

This may be a viral or fungal infection. When you will see these particular symptoms like Fever blister and cold sores, Itchy area, Redness, Scaby Area it must be a viral infection. And when you will notice white discharge from the corner of the mouth, cracking,  pain, swollen lips it must be a fungal infection. I hope you got the point.

How may I get relief from lip infection?

Following some proper lip care tips and using some home remedies you can easily get rid of these problems very soon. Like you can use natural lip balm rather than any cheap matt or lipsticks. If you love lipsticks than it should be branded. You can have milk & turmeric mixture daily. Using tree oil, hydrogen peroxide solution also can help to get rid off.

What is lip Eczema?

Eczema or dermatitis is a chronic skin disorder. It is the inflammation of the upper layer of the skin. Redness, skin edema characterize it, dryness, scaling, flaking and itchy rashes or blisters.

Why lip Eczema causes?

It may occur due to both internal and external purposes. Herpes simplex virus can cause it, but with, most cases the reason is random. Though the right reason is yet unknown, some hormone or hereditary facts are responsible by dermatologists for this kind of eczema.

External causes include some allergens and irritants such as lipstick, flavored lip balms (containing allergic substances like peanut, butter, milk, etc.), pollen, dental treatments, food, other lip care items, makeup, nail polish or varnish.

Do you have any treatment for lip Eczema diseases?

Yes, we have. Eczema on the lips can be a very irritating and embarrassing experience for many people. You can cover the skin infection on the inner parts of the body with clothes. But a matter of sorrow, you infections on the face, mouth, hands, legs, and lips cannot be covered, unfortunately. So obviously treatment should be applied as soon as possible. You can cure lip eczema by some simple home remedies or by dermatological treatment.

Using lipsticks is harmful?

I personally love to wear lipsticks. I know that it’s every girl’s choice. I always prefer a branded product for a lip. You can do it too.

I’m facing chapped lip problem, is there any solution for it?

Yes. Of course, we can provide you the ultimate solution for chapped lip problem. You can use organic oil, aloe vera gel, sugar honey, lemon juice, cucumber, Vaseline, raw milk.

I want to know about swollen lip problems & it’s remedies

It is an abnormality of a lip.  Basically, inside the soft tissue of lips when inflammation occurs by liquefied is called Swollen Lip. Simply, we can describe swollen lip as – enlarge, or expanding lips which are beyond their normal size.