How can I get a pair of attractive and healthy lips?

There is no doubt that each of the organs and parts of our body is valuable that takes a direct part in the proper functioning of the entire physique. Among these, our lips are one of them that does not only give us a sense of feeling and capability of pronunciation but also increase the beauty to a greater extent. Hence, there is no substitution for a pair of healthy lips. Considering the importance of lips, today, we have equipped this article with all the techniques with which you can always keep your lips healthy. So, let’s begin!

How do you know if your lips are healthy?

pair of healthy lips

Are you unsure whether your lips are healthy or not? Don’t worry, just match the following parameters of healthy lips’ condition with your ones and see if you really have a pair of healthy lips.

Moist and smooth

A pair of lips feels rough like sandpaper is an unhealthy pair. But, if your ones always feel like being moist and the surface is smooth, the lips are obviously healthy.

Undivided edges

Edges of your lips will never be parted if the lips are healthy because such lips do not contain any yeast infection that is responsible for cracked edges.


Healthy lips color is always pink or pinkish that glow is enough to catch anyone’s sight at a glance. However, a pair of blackish or brownie lips often denotes something harmful.        

Properly shaped

Hale and hearty lips are never shaped eccentrically means these will not be swollen in some parts and flatten in other parts.

Good blood circulation in lips

When your lips are not pale, this means that these have satisfactory blood circulation preventing paleness and painful diseases from attacking.


Do your lips get an allergic reaction as soon as you apply lipstick, lip gel or anything else to its surface? If not, then congratulation, your lips are safe.

Have you matched the parameters with your lips? Now, try to create a rating on the basis of similarity that will tell you how healthy your lips are.

How can I get healthy lips?

If you follow the instructions below, you will get healthy lips-

how can I get healthy lips

Moisturize the lips

Never let your lips dry up that can cause a painful and ugly crack to them. So, keep the lips moisturized with vitamin B lip balm. Always avoid using petroleum made lip balms.

Drinking water has limitless benefits and one of those is: water combats against your lips’ dryness internally, and offers you a smooth and pink outward.


Be careful about applying lipstick

Avoid dark colors lipstick

Always apply lip balm or ChapStick before applying the lipstick directly on your lips’ surface as such a direct touch of lipstick may cause chemical infection.

Avoid dark colors

You should never apply any dark color lipstick or moisturizer on the lips as such color is often responsible for pigmented lips.


Drink more water:

Drinking water has limitless benefits and one of those is: water combats against your lips’ dryness internally, and offers you a smooth and pink outward.


Utilize rose petals

Rose Petals with Honey

Are you eager to know how to get attractive lips? Then, the secret is revealed here for you: at first, make a mixture of rose petals and spoonful honey, then apply the solution on the lips. After 10-15 minutes wipe off it using moist cotton and lastly apply some lip balm. You should repeat the entire procedure regularly to have the best result rapidly.


How can I moisturize my lips overnight?

moisturizing your lips

You might have been visiting our blogs written focusing on lip care tips at home but haven’t yet got the revolutionary tips of moisturizing your lips overnight. Finding it an increasingly demanded question, here we have listed several ingredients with which you can moisturize the lips overnight.


Lip balm

If you are not energetic enough to follow any of the above-mentioned techniques, then we recommend you to buy a lip balm that is not made out of petroleum. Apply the balm to your lips before going to bed at night. This will definitely make your lips moisturized within the night.




At first, cut a cucumber into pieces and then hold one or two pieces on the lips at least for 20 minutes at a stretch. The ‘high concentration of water’ of cucumber will moisturize your lips in no time.


Coconut oil

Wondering how oil can be applied to lips instead of hair? Actually, coconut oil is also an instant moisturizer that you mightn’t have been come to know. However, before using the oil, you must heat up a spoonful coconut oil. After that, apply the warm oil either with finger or cotton. Just wait some time and experience the magic!

Olive oil and honey

Olive Oil and Honey

The mixture of olive oil and honey is probably the best solution to moisturize and heal the lips overnight. Apply a little amount of this mixture at night. Honey will heal the wound as it is anti-bacterial while olive oil will moisturize your lips beyond your expectation.


How can I strengthen my lip skin?

Keeping your lips strong is a matter of responsibility that requires regular direct and indirect maintenance. Actually, there are many recommendations to strengthen your lips; among those, the most common and effective ones follow below in detail.

Drink more water

70% of our body is water that shows us the unavoidable importance of it to each part of our body. When you drink less water, the body cannot function properly and the result of it is often reflected on your face where the lips are. More water helps your lips build stronger cells regularly. Eventually, the lips hardly get chapped.

Quit smoking

Quit smoking

Smoking has a bunch of direct disastrous effect on your lips. Firstly, smoking kills the tender and fresh cells of your lips and even hinders the new cells to be produced that makes the lips’ surface thinner gradually. Then, the lips’ surface is burnt very badly and so the skin of your lips loses its natural color. Eventually, smoking excessively definitely causes various painful cancerous diseases and even lip cancer.

Consume vitamins

We have already mentioned the name of some of the vitamins and discussed how those bring benefits for your lips. So, it is better not to expand this section more, rather we would like to strongly recommend you to have those vitamins regularly to keep the lips hale and hearty.


Do lip exercises really work?

Healthy lips

One of the most searched questions online is: whether lip exercise really works for having healthy and attractive lips? Therefore, we thought it would be better to leave the answer here for your advantage:

Actually, exercises play vital roles in making your lips’ muscles firm. In addition, the circulation of blood in that area gets increased significantly. Eventually, it rouses the creation of collagen that is completely a natural flopping element for the lips.

So, this is how your lips are benefitted from exercises. Therefore, you can adopt any lip exercise besides using lip moisturizer and taking vitamins.


Above all things considerations healthy lips are undoubtedly an inseparable part of your body, so, you cannot but be careful of its regular maintenance. Finally, we strongly and humbly recommend you to follow each and every piece of advice from our writing with the sole motive of your heartiness and longevity.  

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