Cause and Effect of Lip Filler at Home: DIY Lip Injection

Aren’t we want to look drop-dead gorgeous, rejuvenating to our special one? Definitely, we want. That’s why we don’t mind to the line or glossed our beautiful lips with sexy coated color. It seems, without heart shape or round shape lips it makes us sunken even after flawless makeup. But what happens if you get thin, average, or wide lips? Suppose if you have got fragile lips will you feel awkward? We assume you are but here suggesting you not to be disheartened at all. Because we are going to guide you of how you can plump, soften and enhance your skinny lips by doing lip filler at home?

So, what’s the lip filler at-home method? It’s an ideal plastic surgery treatment. It can restore the volume or make the lips thicker to look beautiful. It also brings you back the youthful plumpness of the lips. Therefore we will discuss how to get bigger lips without fillers and with fillers. You will also get to know of some merits and demerits of doing lip filler at home.

What is the Best Lip Filler?

Before we get into the best lip enhancement system, let’s know about how many types of lip fillers are available? Well, lips augmentation can be categorized into two types.

best lip filler

Temporary– “Volumizers” methods include (Fat injection, Hydraulic acid fillers, Lip collagen injections, PRP) is used to increase the volume of the lips for a certain period.

Permanent– Dermal graft, Permanent lip implants, Vermilion lip advancement, Lip-lift are common treatments for permanent lip enhancement.

Out of all, nowadays Hydraulic acid fillers are getting so much popularity. Because it’s temporary, less bruising, no lumps, bumps no allergens, and lasts for six months to a year without side effects. However, if you want to know how to plump lip permanently, you can follow any permanent treatment. Besides this, there are lip injection alternatives such as homemade dermal filler. But it’s good to take injections if you are not scared to get the work done shortly.

How Long Do Lip fillers Last?

It’s obvious that you must know the validity of different lip filler methods. Which lasts for long and perfectly suits your personality before you plump the pout. Likewise, if you select temporary, Hydraulic acid filler would be the best. But it has got three lip filler injection techniques with different duration.

Restylane: it’s a high-affinity hydraulic acid filler of water and moisture. It gives the lips desired shape with lift and subtle volume and lasts for 6-9 months approximately.

Juvederm Ultra XC: It has a higher concentration than Restylane. It’s a combination of Restylane and Volabella techniques. It makes the lips softer and plump lips more horizontally spread than lift. And keep the volume the same for nine months to one year

JuvedermVolbella: It is the newest lip augmentation with a long-lasting (complete one year) effect. Additionally, it gives a translucent, soft, subtle, and radiant appearance.

Wherever, if you want permanent lip injections, surgical lip enhancement would be the best. But before that, you must have an idea of how to make lip fillers last longer by using the permanent method.

Are Lip Injections Painful?

We know lip filler is minor plastic surgery. Therefore by keeping in mind, the inject-able fillers cost we should definitely say it’s an ultimate glow-up process. Plus, it has a profound beauty in the lifestyle, and nothing can’t compare with that beauty. But how do you feel when a substance injected near the mouth under the eyes? To be the truth, it’s unpleasant feelings but not as much pain. As because a local anesthetic is given and if you consult with an experienced doctor technically do the surgery it won’t fill pain at all. However, a little discomfort and swollen in the lips may occur for the next 2-3 hours, but the painting sensitivity will go off as the surgery complete. You can use a derma roller for lip wrinkles problems too.

How can I Plump My Lips Naturally?

No one can answer how to plump lips permanently? Naturally, you can also make thick, luscious, and fuller lips just for a day or couple of days as lip fillers are damn costly, risky, and permanent. You can do it either by using a make-up base or home ingredients. Here, we will talk about using home ingredients. Particularly how to make your lips bigger with cinnamon and the other process related to how to plump lips without injections?

Cinnamon is the cheapest, safest, and increases lip blood circulation to plump the lip naturally. Therefore, you can mix cinnamon separately with:

Lip Plumper DIY
  • Essential oil
  • sugar
  • salt
  • Vaseline
  • ginger paste
  • peppermint powder
  • olive oil
  • beeswax
  • cocoa butter
  • paprika and so on.

Remember that you have to take only one ingredient and cinnamon powder to make a mixture and apply that at night. In this way, you can get a gorgeous, bee-stung pout at nothing cost.

How to Do Lip Fillers at Home (Self-Injecting Lip Fillers)?

Do you know how to get bigger lips permanently at home? You might think it’s not possible, but it’s absolutely possible. For that, you have to know how to apply permanent lip injections, and you have dermal filler injection training. When you start, it will be slightly painful because of micro-needling lip results. But if you have a proper idea about how to get bigger lips surgery and day after lip injections (DIY collagen injections) effects we expect you can do this promptly.

Nonetheless, our suggestion is it’s better not to do maxi lip at home. It’s risky, and it may create unusual lumps and itching sensation to the lips.

What are the Side Effects of Lip Fillers at Home?

You have to perfectly know the ways of how to do lip injections. At first, there is no side effect for a natural lip enhancing process. To be fair, most of the side effects are temporary and go away within one week. For example, you can have:

  • Slightly bleeding from injected areas
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Tenderness,
  • Light fever, etc.

However, if you maintain some rules (don’t drink, don’t put lip balm) before injected you will get less pain.

Unfortunately, you can also have a serious side effect such as:

  • Infections,
  • Lip asymmetry
  • Clotted blood vessel and tissues
  • Allergic reactions etc

Do Lip Fillers Go Away Completely?

It depends on the types. However, if you go for temporary lip fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, the result will be dissolved with a year even before the time. Whereas if you go for a permanent solution like silicone or lip-lift, it will stay the same. So far we believe lip fillers at home used for increasing the pouty looks natural beauty of the lips. We advise going for temporary lip fillers to avoid the side effects of hassle and damages.

Final Verdict

“Lip fillers are NOT for everyone” warned Dr. Mani. Thus, those who have extremely unshaped, uneven lips can do this either at home or in a clinic. Furthermore, first, use at-home collagen injections to give your lips more elasticity if you really dare of doing lip fillers at home. However, you can also follow a hydraulic acid formula if you willingly do lip fillers at a specialized clinic. After all your final outcome would be to make your lips more alluring, striking, and beautiful counter.

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  1. does the needle free dermal filler used with an implement that literally shoots the filler through the lips really work and how long would they last.

    Also, I if you have dermal fillers, especially in lips, will putting hydraluronic acid serum on each night keep them plumper longer.


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