Lip Infection: All about Fighting it (Causes & Symptoms)

Want to smile overtly; speak comfortably; but can’t always do, due to the frequent problem in lip in different seasons. Have you faced that? I think – definitely yes. According to WHO, around 67% of world people are prone to oral herpes, and others lip infection.

Like the healthy skin, a healthy lip can protect us from the outside environment like sun rays and the touch of wind. The lip has three surface areas:External surface of the lip

  • The external surface is covered with the same skin as the face.
  • The vermillion border, the actual lip, is the part of the edge.
  • The mucous membrane surface is the inside part of the lip, which is soft moist.

The fact is that all of these three surfaces are prone to infection of different types. The outside surface and vermillion border can be got dry, broke down or peeled.  A person mostly gets chapped lips then.

As the membrane surface is placed near the inner mouth, it is lubricated with saliva all the time. For this reason, here other bacterial and viral infections come from the lips.

What Types of the Infection and the Causes

The fungus, bacteria or allergy, any of these can make lip affected consequently. The most common causes of lip infection are:

Herpes Simplex

It is the viral infection in the lip, and the sore is commonly named by cold sore or fever blister. The eczema is also a part of this disease. After the first attack, the virus remains in the inside body and seem to come back in the same location. You have to maintain preventive cautions to be alert from the cold sore of the infected lip.

Angular Cheilitis

Lip fungus or yeast is the most common bacterial infection of the lips. The symptoms will come out with the swollen condition of one or both corners of the lips with red spots and cracked skin. Swollen bump on lips is  very itchy and irritating.  It appears in the places where the lips meet and format an angle; so named as like that. It’s also called angular stomatitis and perleche.

Lip Cancer

The rarest case in the lip when fungal infection on lip; especially in lower lips. It is caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun and excess tobacco use. If sores and bleeding and open sores will not heel then, it will be the cause of Lip Cancer. It demands special treatment. The constant unprotected rays of the sun cause Actinic cheilitis means a precancerous condition, it is the lip infection types; if not treated primarily would cause severe damage.

Nutritional Deficiency

Though the deficiency is not the direct cause, it can lead to all types of infection. A right and the proper immune system is very important for the adequate care of the body. And the deficiency of mineral and vitamins like folic acid, zinc, iron, B 2 can break the immune system to some extent and make the lips prone to infection.

Use of Unreliable Cosmetics

unreliable cosmeticSome women apply lipstick 24 hours. It would create no problems, but sometimes buying cosmetics from the unauthorized dealer can also cause some mishaps. On the other hand, specific chemicals used in lipsticks can cause some allergy or infection. This will turn into severe symptoms of infection sometimes.

Consumption of More Acidic Foods or Citrus Fruits

These types of foods contain some elements which are responsible for tissue damage. People of existing mouth pain and sensitive mouth issue are more vulnerable to this. But these fruits are more susceptive to create canker sore on lips.

Accidental Biting

Accidental, but not rare. It is a prevalent act of us, especially while taking food unconsciously. At first, it tends to make a sore, but later it turns into infection some time. Moreover, it is vital that once one gets the biting, gets frequently bitten in the same place. And in another way, infected lip suffers in cut frequently.

Ill-Fitting Braces


Our teeth and the lips are connected to the muscular attachment. When the braces are taking effect, then the lips are also pushed forward. Then the shape of the lips turns into disparate position. Sometimes the ill-fitted dentures can affect the lips, as the material is in touch with the lips and can have the reaction on the lips. Thus, a sore or cracking can occur on the lips and creates the bacterial infection. So we have to check the quality of the braces and see the dentist time to time to maintain the utility in the best way without any bad effect on the lips.


It is also one of the reasons for cracking and chapping of the lips. Lack of water makes dry the overall body, including the lips. Drinking plenty of water can repair the crack lip and sores of the lips. As an adult, you have to drink 10 glasses of water or 2.37 liter. Take a water bottle along with you if you are going out in the sun.

Damage from Sun Rays

Another cause of infection is the ultraviolet radiation from the sun means sunburn. The cell can be damaged by the overheat or sunburn. Naturally, the skin of the lips is fragile than others and not covered from the sun. On the other hand, that skin is comprised of almost no melanin, which is natural colorant that helps to shield out the harmful rays of the sun. Long-term sunburn can affect the collagen, a protein in the lips, which maintains the texture of the lips in due time

Tobacco Use

Intake of tobacco can lead to lip infection obviously. Provided that, tobacco is comprised of nicotine and many cancer-causing substances, we should avoid this. It is the risk factor of Lip cancer.

Cold Climate

Lip problems increase in winter with excessive cold.  Therefore, the cold air makes the lips dry and tight. The air outside and home become dry, so you can use a humidifier to make the atmosphere comfortable for the proper texture of your skin as well as lips.

Lip Piercing Effect         

Lip piercing causes zero to severe problems on piercing area; everybody is not the same lucky, However, if the lip piercing tools are unhygienic and improperly pierced, then sore and infection can occur. Henceforth, after piercing, you should take proper cares of the piercing area to get protection from any bacterial effect on lips.

How Do You Know What Symptoms of Infection You are Suffering from Now?

Different infection shows different types of symptoms. You can suffer severe lip infection in winter.  From this section, you will get to know about the viral or bacterial infection by these symptoms. And apparently, use the remedies.

Virus Infection Showsredness

  • Fever blister and cold sores
  • Itchy area
  • Redness
  • Eczema
  • Scaby Area

Fungal Infection ShowsFungal

  • White discharge from the corner of the mouth
  • Cracking
  • Pain
  • Sore Formation
  • Swollen lips
  • White patches

Lip Cancer Demonstrate

  • Lips become whiter
  • firmer and thicker
  • frequently bleeds
  • Yeast infection
  • Pain and redness also make the condition more irritating.

What Not to Do During Infection?

Touching the Sore or Blisters

It is exclusively contagious, in that case, it can transmit to others through touching in any close way by the finger or lips. Consequently, the virus can fall in the eye and blisters may form as a consequence. It can happen in terms of Herpes Virus, where the problem is contagious.

Licking the Lips

Licking the lips: Licking lips tend to create a continuing mucus layer on the lips when the saliva dries on. It is not harmful at all. But the problem arises when it creates the complicated reaction with the sun and causes sores or infection. The saliva by this activity has the adverse effect on the sore. By cracking and drying, there creates a type of dermatitis around the lips then.

Hugging Baby

Never hug babies as they can quickly get seriously ill from herps Virus and in the worst case, may even die. So hugging and kissing baby is prohibited if you are prone to the herpes virus. The virus can spread to the eyes by rubbing those with the baby’s hands, which can bring the virus through touching or kissing the area.

Avoid Tobacco

void tobacco: The placement of tobacco under or on the infected area can manipulate the cold sore by stretching of the lips. The different cells in the lips are infected by the squamous cells and cause lip cancer. Tobacco can be formed in many ways like pipes, cigarette, cigars or chewing tobacco, etc. Anyway, it’s better to avoid it entirely.

Intake of Acidic and Spicy Foods

The blisters become ruptured within four days, and typically this leaves an open sore. Taking high acidic foods or drinks, canned and processed foods can accelerate the sore eventually. Salty and spicy foods irritate the lips and cause inflammation. During the phase of chapped lips, you have to avoid the citrus and spicy foods.

Use of Cosmetics

Avoid using cheap, unauthorized branded cosmetics. Otherwise, the ingredients in the cosmetics would cause the sore crack and reopen. Don’t take the risk of damaged lips for money. The lips are more critical. So always prefer using expensive and branded cosmetic to cheap ones.

Sunlight Exposure

Never expose to sunlight without sunscreen. It accelerates the itching and pain; always use sunblock and lip balm to reduce the effect of the sun. Lips can be exposed to UV rays for the whole year, so you have to protect these all the time. But the cooler month is somewhat safe. Cloudy days do not screen the rays so; the lips can suffer on cloudy days too.

How to Cure the Lip Infection by Natural Remedies

  • The lip balm is an excellent caretaker of lips in all types of Seasons. Apply lip balm which consists of cocoa butter, Shea butter, vegetable oil, beeswax, petrolatum thrice a day.
  • Drink the mixture of one glass milk and two tablespoons turmeric powder daily twice.
  • Apply tea tree oil twice in the affected area, but keep in mind to combine it with another essential oil like coconut oil. Because it is not safe to use it alone.
  • Rub milk with a cotton bud in the infected area for a longer time. Providing that milk helps to reduce the sores.
  • Take a cotton ball and soak it into one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide solution and apply directly on the sores twice a day.
  • Apply the paste of 1 teaspoon garlic and 1 teaspoon onion on the sore daily to get the best results.
  • In the same way, use one half teaspoon paste of every mint and apply once daily. The paste of basil, peppermint & rosemary is good for infection.
  • Stick some sea salt in the affected area, after 10 minutes, rinse it off with water.
  • Apply the paste of one tablespoon cornstarch and one teaspoon water directly on the sores once at night.
  • Rub the flesh of Aloe Vera directly on the sores twice a day.
  • Use the mixture of one tablespoon licorice root powder and half tablespoon of freshwater on the sores twice daily.
  • Eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and get a good night’s rest.

If you are pregnant or sensitive to any of the organic elements mentioned here, please apply a little amount in the very early stage, observe the reaction and then continue accordingly. The essential oil is not safe for the babies or kids, please keep in mind that important cautions.

Final Verdict

Now you know everything about the lip infection and the symptoms, according to the types. Take the natural remedy and proper care of lips. How are feeling now?

However, if these do not recover within 7 to 10 days, then see a dermatologist, and take over the counter medicines orally. Because, it means that your lips are excessively attacked by any fungus or bacteria, and you have to go for allopathic treatment.  Above all, you will be absolutely better. Have a great life with a sweet smile of lovely lips. At last, we want to say Happy smiling!

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