Lip Lines: Get Rid of Lip Wrinkles with Natural Treatment and Fight with it

How many of you are bugged by lip lines? After a certain age, the lip lines must show the glimpse around your mouths. The interesting fact is that the more you get stuck on one expression on your face the less would be these lip wrinkles.  But it’s not possible at all. You have to purse or pucker your lips, you have to laugh and cry, make the kisses, chew the foods, bust in laughter, overall you have to talk too!! So there is no way of stucking into one expression in lives. Then what? Would you think you have to end up with this lip line? Not at all and I have come with this piece of writing to help you get rid of wrinkles on your lips.


What are Lip Lines or Wrinkles?

LIp Wrinkles

You can see the appearance of the lines above the lips vertically and the lines extend towards the nose. Apparently, the extension can be seen around the mouth day by day. People sometimes call the lines as the Lipstick lines or smokers’ lines. But don’t confuse the fact that it is the aftermath effect of smoking, perhaps, the smoking accelerates the happening of these lines. Actually, people can find themselves turning to lip wrinkle effect in their mid 40’s, but some spurs the symptoms earlier in life like as in 20’s in the results of some cumbersome effects.


What Causes Wrinkles around the Lips?

It’s not like that you get up at one morning and says “why are my lips so wrinkled?” The interesting fact of lip lines is that you may not spot the light lines from the breakthrough period. These become inbred in the course of the time and noticeable clearly. Let’s go through some causes:

  • The major cause of lines around mouth fillers is the aging factor. The aging not only takes the youth out, with the youth feel, but it also cuts down the essential proteins as-collagen and elastin. The decreased level of production of these two proteins adds value to the breaking down of these. The contraction makes the skin dull and creates a gloomy look on the face.
  • Additionally, there is a less reduction in natural oils too, that is needed to dehydrate the whole body with the skin.
  • The skeleton support for the skin decreases along with the ages and reduce the appearance of the wrinkle-fighting hormonal effect. So there is damage from the inside tone of the skin, which starts with the lip lines above the lips.
  • Another cause is smoking. It increases and accelerates the chances of having wrinkles above the lips. It produces a lot of toxic with every sip of cigarettes which brings about untimely lip lines around the lips. Another point is that a smoker frequently puckers and puffs on their cigarettes. These acts of the lips tend to build lines around the mouth by creating the waves in the skin around the lips.
  • The thinnest and sensitive organ of our body is the face and lips and stay unprotected. So the ultraviolet ray of the sun affects the lips and the places around it if sun exposure has been got for a prolonged time.
  • Exercise makes the muscle of body & face flexible to stay strong and good looking. Lack of it can make you unfit to avoid the lines around the lips.
  • Frequent upper lip waxing and threading can cause the lines too. Because of the pulling and the stretching tendency of the act the skin loses its elasticity and give rise to the wrinkles.
  • Regular drinking from a can or bottle can cause the problems too, as you have to keep puckering your lips during drinking or sipping with a straw constantly.

Smokers’ Lines vs Vertical Lip Lines

As many of us assumed, it is not the same as the smoker’s lines or you can not say that the lines just are caused by smoking. But it is true that smoking makes the case worse and earlier impact to the lips. Because they tend to suffer before the expecting ages because of the deleterious effect of smoking. Otherwise, the lip lines are the causal effect for just the ages.

Let’s see what are the reasons behind the smokers tend to have the vertical lines-

lip line remove

  • Smoking is very detrimental to the whole body, including the skin and the lips.
  • The inhaling situation of the face and the lost intake of the vitamins & minerals due to smoking, it tends to create lip wrinkles earlier in life.
  • The skin becomes less healthy day by day by the effect of nicotine and tobacco, which slightly raise the vertical lines around the mouth, especially in the upper lip.
  • The cause of the lip wrinkles in the non-smokers is just the age but it becomes more pronounced and prominent in the smokers because of the smoking side effects.

How to get rid of lip lines permanently? Before going to treatment, let’s go through some avoidable tasks to avoid lip lines-

  • Quit smoking as early as possible. It can be the best ways to prevent lip lines.
  • Reduce the pursing of the lips for any activities like puffing cigarettes, drinking juice with the help of straw and kissing your adored ones. Kissing someone definitely depends on you, it’s not mandatory.
  • Stop making the awkward face to anybody in case of any expressions, whether happy or unhappy. Keep the reaction to a limited version in case of wrinkles fighting process. The less you make your face, the more lively the skin would be.
  • Additionally, lessen the act that folds your skin for a longer time.
  • Protect the skin and lips from the sun as the UV ray is the biggest source of the skin damage caused.

What is the best treatment for lip lines?

Let’s see some upper lip wrinkles home remedies methods that you can avail at home to treat the lip lines, those are the best anti-aging lip treatment 2019-

Use Moisturizers

You can use different products like best wrinkle cream for lip lines and serum that accelerate collagen production. Apply the antioxidants and peptides full lip line cream that fights the lip wrinkles. The lip lines gradually become faded away if you apply the cream once in the morning. You can also apply some organic oils to get more benefits. The cream would help you to make the skin protected from the UV rays of the sun. Always use the best products for lip lines.

A Good Diet

A good diet full of antioxidant foods is the most vigorous way to treat the lip wrinkles in the gradual wrinkle-fighting ways. The antioxidants are helpful to keep the balance if the collagens in the skin. So try to keep at least two servings a day. It prevents the loose of the elements that tend to keep the skin young.

Cinnamon with Natural Oils

This combination is the best way to help the lips moisture in a natural way that the lines may vanish away gradually. Cinnamon paste for lip wrinkles is told to be a great remedy. Cinnamon is an ancient traditional medicine to treat the lip lines. Thus you can get the way of how to get rid of laugh lines around the mouth.

Always Use Soft Cleansers

Soaps are not opting for the delicate skins. Try to use mild cleansers to save your face from the creation of wrinkles. The good quality cleansers can protect your skin from wrinkle formation.

Less Rubbing

Facial rubbing is done for cleaning the face. But excessive or frequent pulling and rubbing can let your skin to damage and lead to wrinkles. Try to be polite to clean your skin.

Facial Exercises

You can adopt some facial exercises such as wrinkles around mouth exercises and facial yoga to treat the lip lines. For the early and light lip lines, it may be better beyond the surgical treatment. You can find some of the exercises from different sources.

The natural steps of remedies can be taken to prevent or avoid the lip lines or you can adopt the ways when the lip lines were about to reveal in the lips. The popular 3 best  treatments for wrinkles above lips, that you can use to remove the wrinkles around the mouth are

Lip Filler 

Lines which are stubborn ones, can not easily be cleared out. They need dermatological treatment. For those wrinkles, the upper lip wrinkles fillers can be effective. It is a traditional inclination that is done by an injection having the substance of hyaluronic acid with others. You can use the temporary doses for 6 to 9 nine months for the compelling cure and the semi-permanent for 2 years. It can stimulate the skin with the produced collagen and keep them soft. However, scrutiny about the specials for this task and must maintain the instructions given by them like as- never rub the treated places and make any faces for a certain period. You can definitely come out with a satisfying solution.

Laser Treatment

laser Treatment

Laser treatment for smokers lines is a modern and effective way of removing the top layer skin and increasing the volume of the lips. The treatment helps to make people naturally look 10 to 20 years younger. It works with the burning process of tissue in stirring up the collagen to the benefits of the skin. It is helpful for around the mouth. You have to make ready the skin by activating the cell before this treatment, so use some prescribed products for this task.  Choose the type of laser treatment depending on the intensity, promptness, and effectiveness. You can take recommendations from here for what types of laser you should take. The laser treatment can stay long for around 10 years long!

Chemical Peel

Another method for removing the top layer skin and especially helpful for upper lips. The Chemical peel can scale down the wrinkles that can increase the softness too. There are different types of chemical peel like superficial, medium and deep. Deep and medium are better for lip wrinkles. The chemical peels must handle with proper care otherwise permanent damage to the lips or around the mouth may happen. Please consult a dermatologist before taking the treatment. It is a simple and least invasive treatment process to go through, you can see a little bit of the visual below


By all of these treatments, you can feel the differences in lip wrinkles before and after in no less time.

So, get back the young age that you just lost for the stubborn wrinkles and get the beautiful wrinkle-free lips. Whatever the causes, the wrinkles are notified for the ages. So stay young forever.

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