How to Get the Matte Touch without Matte Lipstick

Getting ready for a party one day with a colorful ocean blue dress. After finishing the makeup applied the lipstick. No, not feeling good. The lipstick texture is too much gloss. I didn’t have any matte lipstick of that color. With this in mind, I thought that I had to make it matte Otherwise, it was not going to be balanced with a bright color dress. Then a trick made the tick on my head, to make that color matte on the lips after applying. Then, after all, I got my expected color, like a matte lipstick.

To enumerate matte and gloss both are the crazes of all the times, according to parties and occasion. So being that, you can’t deny any of this all over.

What You Will Need To Mattify Lipstick

  1. Scrub for cleaning the lips
  2. A light foundation
  3. A lip liner and lipstick that you are about to apply
  4. A large brush
  5. A makeup sponge
  6. A piece of tissue
  7. Face powder or any types of baby powder

How to Mattify Lipstick

Clean the Lips

Clean the lips

For an excellent finishing touch you have to scrub the lips to skin out the husk. Otherwise, the lipstick can’t be adjusted to the lips flawlessly. Take a drop of scrub in a finger top message the lips with that smoothly. Then rinse out with water. Your lips now are perfect for adoring.

Apply the Foundation on the Lips

apply the foundation

If your lips have the dark spot, it will not look like evenly all over on the lips. The dark place would contract the lipstick unfairly. However, take a makeup sponge with a bit of foundation cream and apply in the lips uniformly.

Line the Lips

Line the lips

Line the lips with the liner or a lip brush with lipstick. You have to make the edges smooth with the lining otherwise the lipstick would go mess on the lips.

Fill the Lips with Lipsticks

Fill them with lipstick

Apply the matchable color lipstick with the lip brush or swiping the lipstick over the lips. Fill them evenly without splashing out the lips. Use two or three coats around the lips, if the color is not bright. Another key point is that the bright color looks good in matte, as it is faded after mattifying.

Dust it with Powder

Dust with powder

First, take a thin part of tissue mixed with any face or translucent powder and press lightly on the lips. Then after immediately dust it at the back of the tissue lightly with the brush. Then shell out the tissue of the lips and notice that the shiny look changes out and matte look come in.

Final Look

Final Touch

The final look of a matte touch comes out from a glossy look. However,  see the texture.

In the final analysis, don’t get worried about the texture of the lipstick you are not fond right now. However, Make-up is just an art. You have to do this to get the texture of your choice creatively. Have a great party!

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