The Color of Lips Expectations VS Reality

The structure and skin color of lips differ on an individual’s body condition. As the barrier function of lip skin is very low and consists of more water substance in the outermost skin, it gets dry easily compare to any other parts of the body. Although the natural lip color is light pinkish and the skin of lips are very soft and thin, but it is noticeable if the natural color of lips is getting change day-by-day. Because lip discoloration might be the reason of serious illness of your health without even knowing.

In Detail of Natural Color of Lips


Suppose if you see your natural lips has to turn into red blotchy lips or a sort of purple, green lips suddenly definitely its a clear indication of your health deterioration. If you don’t believe, go to the doctor and ask for a checkup. Conversely, there’s a piece of good news is the disease is not going to ruin your life. In fact, if you follow a daily routine and eat healthy balanced food you can get recover soon.

But it’s better to know what your lips say about your health and for recovery how to get pink lips fast permanently without any side effects. Therefore, you can consider this as a lip color guide particularly for those who are already suffering lip discoloration (white, red, purple, black and so on) problem.

In this guide, you will get to know about some unhealthy lips symptoms along with miserable lip conditions. Additionally, some tips or home remedies for getting pink lips in 15 days challenge. So, get ready to take the challenge by following our suggestions while taking care of your luring lips.

What Color Should Your Lips Be?

It’s critical to know of how our lips constructed or what are lips made of? Anatomically, it’s a form of anterior boundary of the oral cavity and consist of three parts skin, mucosa, and vermilion (A thin margin line). Consequently, it is fill-up with sebaceous glands or pigments that contains no hair and naturally has light or darkish pink. For someone, it may also see the light red or reddish because of blood circulation. But for good lip certainly, the color will not be dark red. Thus, if you have a question like why are my lips so red all of a sudden we expect you will not be scared. Rather than, just read on this article and get to know the answer straightforwardly.

What Causes Darkening of Lips?

Have you ever see a very dark color probably dark black or brown type lips? It’s not natural. Indeed it’s one sort of lip discoloration and mainly happens because of heavy lip pigmentation. Also, it can be the sign of consisting of heavy toxic chemicals into your body that you absorb daily via some bad habits. Such as:

  • Smocking.
  • Consumption of caffeine and tea.
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Dehydration.
  • Using expired lip products.
  • Allergens.
  • Stressful life.
  • Vitamin deficiency.
  • Unbalanced diet.

Apart from a lousy daily habit, some other reasons are also responsible for lips color change disease. For example:

  • Genetic reason.
  • Using chlorinated water
  • Chemotherapy
  • Lip sucking
  • Excessive fluoride use.

Why Are My Lips So Pink?

We already came to know about what color our lips naturally?  Well, it’s pink in color but if you see suddenly your lips become so pink or pale pink, then it’s a sign of anemia or low blood sugar. It may also indicate the lack of sun, sluggish digestion, and cold feet and hand. Therefore, you must add iron-based food in your diet.

What Are Purple Lips a Sign of?

Purple lips or purple line around lips can be an indication of serious heart, respiratory, trauma and injury problem. So, If it happens to consult with the doctor as early as possible.

Why Do My Lips Look Blue?Blue Lips

Bluish hue is a sign of lack of oxygen in the blood due to the lung or heart problem. This term is called Cyanosis and also effects the tongue and chest. On top of this, blue lips also represent the abnormality( increase/ decrease) of hemoglobin in the blood. Therefore, don’t wait for natural recovery and meet doctors immediately if you see your lips turn into blue.

Why Are My Lips Changing Color?

Apart from rosy pink, purple and blue you can also notice someone’s lips have turned into white (pale lips), red, gray, even green.  For instance, white lips cause paleness or anemia. So, you can prefer pale lips treatment. Now it’s clear that your lips represent your body condition and lip color changes due to severe illness or disease. 

How Can I Make My Lips Pink Naturally?


We all know that there are many side effects of lipstick. Natural or homemade formulas are the best way to take care of the lips. You will get more beautiful, radiant, hot sexy lips with cost nothing. More importantly, there is no side effect, and on the other hand, you can color your lips with any lipsticks, lip-gloss, etc.

Therefore, we have made our home remedies suggestions based on home ingredients. To try this, you don’t even need to buy extra. So, let’s check out our natural lip balm or lip exfoliators making and applying process. Plus, it’s also a whole organic seven ideas of how to get pink lips naturally in a week?

1.Sugar/ Honey And Coconut/Brown Sugar Scrub

These 2-types of exfoliators work mildly to make the hard crack lips soft and nourish the lips.

Making and applying:

1 teaspoon of honey

1 teaspoon of sugar


 1 teaspoon of brown sugar

1 teaspoon of coconut

  • Just mix the ingredients and apply gently with a massage.
  • Keep it for 1-2 minutes and wash it off with the warm water.
  • Apply at least 2 times a week.

2. Pumpkin Lip Scrub

Pumpkin Lip Scrub
  • Here you need a pumpkin, sugar, honey, coconut oil, and coffee grounds. Do you know coconut oil is full of moisturizer, pumpkin ensures cell growth and consists of vitamin A and E? Also, coffee is an excellent antioxidant to brighten the lips.
  • So, mixed all the ingredients in a ½ teaspoon and blend very well.
  • Store it in a bottle and apply smoothly.
  • Keep it for 1-2 minutes for dry.
  • Finally, wash your lips with Luke water.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

There is nothing exceptional say about Aloe Vera gel. It’s a great source of hydrating elements and works best against dehydration. So, you can mix it with a 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and use as a lip mask weekly twice or three times a week.

4. Coconut Oil And Vitamin E

Our next elements for lip caring are coconut oil and vitamin E oil. We all know vitamin E not only hydrates the lips but also helps to remove lip discoloration. The benefits of these oils are so much. They make your lips smooth & soft.

1 teaspoon of coconut oil.

1 vitamin E capsule.

2 teaspoon of melted beeswax

And 1-2 drops vanilla essence.

  • Just mix all and apply thoroughly into the lips.
  • You can store the extra liquid in a bottle.
  • Leave it for a minute.
  • After 1 minute wash it and do not forget for reapplication.

5. Lavender Lemon Lip Balm

To heal your lip lavender works as an antioxidant and lemon oil destroyed bacteria fungal as it contains antimicrobial agents. So, don’t you want to use this natural lip balm? To make this you will need:

3 teaspoon of beeswax

3 teaspoon of coconut oil

6 drops of lavender oil and lemon oil

And also 3 drops of vitamin E oil.

  • Like others, just mix all the ingredients very well and store in a container.
  • Apply thoroughly into the lips 2 times a day.


6. Orange Peel Powder

You can mix 1 teaspoon of orange peel powder with a ½ teaspoon of milk and gently apply the paste into the lips. It will nourish your lip and make smoother as softer. Apply this 1 time a day.

7. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice for dark lips

If you have incredibly dark lips and looking for how to lighten dark lips permanently then use lemon juice directly to the dark area to get the best result. As a result of lemon bleach the dark and pigmented area and bright the area within a few minutes we sure you will unbelievable result. Massage gently your lips with lemon juice for a minute, before going to bed. Just apply 2-3 times in a day and continue for minimum 2 weeks.

What Does Skin Cancer of The Lip Look Like?

At this time you will get to know some severe ignorance issues of proper lip care. Otherwise, it may cause melanoma (lip cancer) if you avoid some symptoms like:

  • Bottom lip turning black,
  • Lips turn white when wet,
  • Ridge inside lower lip,
  • Irregular shape,
  • Sudden bleeding,
  • The scar-like dark spot, etc.

Significantly with this in mind, if your sore doesn’t heal or recover and you don’t get any positive result, of course, you must consult with a well-experienced dermatologist as earliest time for this purpose.

How Can I Lighten My Lips in a Week?


Getting pink lips is everyone’s expectations. Although we know it’s always not possible because of pigmentation and discoloration. But if you think of lightening the lip of whatever your normal lip color, it’s highly possible. For this, if you go for a natural process, we have already given you a whole bunch of details idea. Undoughtably, You can get rosy pink lips if you follow and continue any homemade process from above. Else you can use some pink lips cream or Godiva lip lightening cream to make your lips lighter. Moreover, you can also use different lip balm, sunblock cream, moisturizing cream to give your lips pink color access.

Final Verdict:

Finally, whatever the reason for lip discoloration or change color of lips you must concern about it and take necessary steps. Hence it’s not life-threatening and 100% healing possible at the beginner stage. Even you can recover by following simple natural remedy steps and can get a pair of supple springy lips. But with this purpose in mind what our strong suggestion is don’t ever overlook or avoid it. Otherwise, it might cause cancer.


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