Top 7 Proper Lip Care Tips(Some Bonus Too)

Oh ladies, do you know that your lips are the most amazing and sensitive part of your face? The source of eternal beauty? Foster regularly to get sweet pink moistened lips. It’s time to take proper lip care home remedies for dark lips. You should make a lip care routine. Let’s get started to find out how-

Scrub and Clean the Lips

Wake up every morning after a healthy long sleep of 7 to 8 hours. Use any scrub cream with a finger and scrub the lips lightly. For the healthy and soft texture of the lips, you must scrub those for letting them free from any infection or any dry, dead skin. If no scrubber is available, then apply some toothpaste and gently exfoliates the lips with the top of a finger. Lips can be chapped or dehydrated because of the cold from the air cooler in summer during a long sleep. So it’s necessary to keep it moisturized in the hot days too. After rinsing with water gently clean with a tissue. Then apply some lip balm or lip gloss. This is the best lip care tips for pink lips.

 Protect Against Sun Burn

Take care of lips before the outing and when you are under the sun rays. The lips tend to damage the ultraviolet rays of the sun. To protect your lips from being sunburned, absorption of the harmful rays is significant. So always apply lip balm before going out, that contains the element to block the sunburn. The Zinc Oxide and the Titanium Oxide are helpful to block the sun rays. Abide by this rule exclusively in case of lip care for black lips.

 Apply the Right Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Every time you feel the dryness and after washing face, use the best drugstore lip balm. Always carry a best drugstore lip balm with you if possible. You may need this in all the seasons, not just for lip care in winter. Many ingredients make the lip balm more effective for dryness and dehydration too. To prevent drying, you can use Lanolin, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Vegetable oil, Beeswax, Petrolatum in making the Balm for winter lip care. Keep in mind to use quality lip care products.

Drink Plenty of Water

At home or outside, stay dehydrated. How can you do this? By drinking plenty of water. It not only makes the lip moisturized and cracked free but is good for the overall health as well. For a kid under 12 years the standard of drinking water 1.2 liters per day, for women 2 liter and men 3 liters per day. Drink water and stay healthy.

Avoid Licking Your Lips

Some people recurrently swab their lips to get rid of dryness unconsciously. The enzyme in the saliva is more harmful to the dry lips. However, you will feel better after licking the lips for the moment; but later you will find it with more dryness. Besides this, if drastically deteriorates the infection in the lips if you have so.

Of Course A Diet Plan

Do you think the diet plan is just for your physical fitness? No, the lips are the parts of your physique too. So a healthy diet can bring you healthy and flawless lips. On the other hand crack and chapped lip occur due to deficiency of vitamin B and D. Vitamin C is also needed for spotless healthy lips. For your information,

Beef liver, sardines, lamb, eggs, feta cheese, Atlantic mackerel, etc. are enriched with vitamin B

Salmon, Caviar, Tuna, Raw milk, mushrooms are enriched with vitamin D.

Massage Your Lips

Lip Massage

What are the day-end cares about yours? Are the lips included? If not, then add these. After a busy day, before going to sleep; give a smooth massage to your lips with your fingertip. This will help blood circulation and prevent the discoloration of the lips. You can use extra virgin oil or olive oil or coconut oil during a message. You will surely get the lip massage benefits.

These are the general do’s to keep your lips soft, smooth and infection-free. Now let’s tell you some secrets to transform the lips into alluring ones that attract all.

Bonus Tips for Lip Care

Make Your Lips Pink and Shine

Do you have dark lips, or want to make more pink? Don’t worry. We have the 100% work at the home solution of lip care tips for dark lips. Take 1 tsp of sugar, one tsp lemon juice and 1 tablespoon olive oil in a bowl. Mix all ingredients; then apply on lips and leave for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, rinse out the lips with the water. Rub those with a facial tissue and apply lip balm. Use this trick for 10 days. Believe me; you will get the results of pink lips.  I got too.

Tips for Using Lipstick

Using Lipstick

Always use expensively branded lipstick instead of the cheap ones. Your lips have more value than money. If you can’t value the lips, do not use lipstick at all. But stay away from cheap lipsticks. At the same time, search for those which contains vitamin E. It is good for the moisturizing. Additionally, there is another thing, apply lip balm or Vaseline before wearing lipstick.

Don’t Like Lipstick, Apply Lip Gloss

If you are not fond of, makeup, but still, you want to look shiny on your lips, instead apply lip gloss. Basically, the lip glosses match with the lips. Even you can hide your dark lips with the shimmer without lipsticks. The quality glosses sometimes work better than Vaseline. It would make your lips moisturized.

Removing Makeup

Always remove the whole makeup with lipsticks or lip glosses after coming home from the parties. Furthermore, your lips need more care after applying the makeup. The lips get in touch with different ingredients in makeup; provided that, you have to take additional care. Apply the scrubbing and cleansing method correctly. Then use the best lip balm that contains vitamin E.

Stay Away From Any Types of Surgery

Recently, we have been hearing about the cosmetic surgery or lip discoloration surgery of the ladies of the glamour world. It does not need to mention some financially capable and excess beauty conscious ordinary women also are using this method. But remember, in that case, natural is the beauty. No surgery on lips had a lovely effect on any of the artists or any other girls ever. Keep yourself away from this. Your lips are as beautiful as it is.

Then, what is next? Sleep well and eat a healthy meal every day and take care of your lips at every moment. Your lips are the valuable assets of demonstration of beauty. So, maintain a lip care routine on your way, but always in a helpful and beautiful.

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