The Dark Side of Lipstick: Side Effects of Lipstick

For a woman, there is nothing more delightful than her perfectly colored lips. That’s why lipstick is an important part of a woman’s lifestyle. It makes her beautiful, elegant and it is surely one of the most important elements of her make-up kit. However, beauty may come at a price. There are some side effects of lipstick that may cause harm. So this article will talk about some of the major side effects of applying lipstick.

Side Effects Of Wearing Lipstick

There are both advantages and disadvantages of lipstick. As a woman, most of the time you need to wear lipsticks. Specially matt lipsticks in summer times and glossy lipstick in winter times. Sometimes even before going to the party, you need to mattify your lipsticks. So, you definitely don’t want to hear about the side effects of using lipstick. Nevertheless, here are some of the common side effects of lipstick

Breast Cancer

It’s generally safe to use lipstick that is produced by renowned brands. But it is a cheap product that does not have a decent brand to back its credibility, cause problems. These products have preservatives that can be very toxic and, the preservatives may very well exceed the limit. One of these preservatives is parabens which are responsible for causing cancer, specifically breast cancer.

harmful-effects of-wearing-lipstick


 Excessive preservatives may also cause irritation and coughing. Although it’s not a deadly side effect, it is one of the problems of using matt lipstick that can annoy you.

Heart and Brain Disease

Wearing lipstick may also damage your heart and brain. Lipstick may contain lead. When you wear lipstick, you may accidentally ingest it while eating. When you have too much lead inside your body, your heart will be affected. It may cause hypertension (also can be referred to as high blood pressure). It is a medical condition where the blood pressure in the arteries (a blood vessel) continuously rises. Long-term high blood pressure can cause heart failure. Furthermore, lead is also responsible for reducing brain functions and damaging the nervous system. The bottom line is lead in lipstick can cause trouble for you.

Kidney Damage 

Like lead and parabens, cadmium can also create health issues. The human body is not good at excreting substances like cadmium. So there arises a problem. As your body can’t get rid of cadmium easily, it accumulates in the kidney. It can never be a good thing because it can damage the kidney. So there is a risk of kidney failure. There is another thing that should be mentioned here. There was a study that showed that cadmium’s effect on the kidney can be more damaging in women compare to men. It is one of the major side effects of lipstick.


Using expired lipstick can be detrimental because expired lipstick side effects are even more severe. But good products, produced by reliable brands, are absolutely safe to use.

Some Advice

  • Application of the lipstick

Do not use your lipstick more than twice. It’s better if you do a single application in a day. But you can go up to two. Using it more than twice a day is not recommended. Before applying lipstick, you should use sunscreen or sunblock on your lips.

  • Reject Cheap or Expired Lipstick During Pregnancy

It is absolutely crucial for you to reject cheap or expired lipstick while you are pregnant. If you somehow ingest toxic materials, your baby may face the consequences. And, it’s something that every mother wants to avoid.

  • Keep the Lipstick Away From the Kids

Don’t let your kids play with the lipstick. If they swallow it, they may face stomach issues immediately. When you see the symptoms of lipstick poisoning, go to a doctor without any delay.

  • Use Natural Lipstick

The ingredients of lipstick are very harmful to the lips and body. So, always try to avoid matt lipstick and use natural lipstick which is good for you.

Our liquid lipsticks better?


Although liquid lipstick has some advantages, it is recommended that you apply traditional lipstick. There are a couple of reasons why you should do that.

First of all, applying liquid lipstick can be difficult. It requires a steady hand. If you haven’t applied it before, it can be a bit difficult to use it all of a sudden.

Secondly, It is easier to remove traditional lipstick if you compare it to liquid lipstick. Removing liquid lipstick can be really difficult. Using water will not work. You need to use some kind of oily substance to remove it.


Q: What happens if you eat lipstick?

A: When you use lipstick, you may ingest some of it accidentally.  Lipstick is definitely not made for your stomach. Your stomach is not designed to digest it. Lipstick contains lead, parabens, cadmium, and many things that can be harmful if your body has too much of them.

So, is lipstick safe to eat?  

Absolutely not.

Q: Can lipstick cause cancer?

Lipstick Causes Cancer

A: Not likely. Lipstick giving cancer is a huge statement. Although there can be some toxic substances in lipstick that may cause harm, these substances can be found in cheap and expired lipstick. If you use these bad products for a long period of time, then something fatal may happen to you.  But good products (produced by good brands) will not harm you. 

Q: Does wearing lipstick damage your lips?

A: No, it doesn’t damage your lips. But use to apply lipstick properly. It is recommended that you do not overuse it.


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