Apply Sunscreen and Sunblocks for Summer: Apply for Your Nourished Skin

Can you put sunscreen on your lips? Well, using sunscreen on your lips is important as using it for your face is. Your lips may also get sunburned the way your face gets. Sunburn is a common and everyday day problem leaving its effect for quite a long time. Using sunscreen is the most common and effective way to prevent sunburn. Sunscreens contain SPF that protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. But the common mistake people do is they apply sunscreen on face and keep lips unprotected. As a result, this results in lip sunburn. Your lips do need a total sunblock for lips as your face does.

In such skin concerned age people are still found to irresponsible regarding lip care. Along with lip hydration, there are other facts you should look into. Moreover, lips are the only part of your face that is mostly overlooked. One of the most common lip problems is dark lips that are caused due to sunburn.

Why should you apply lip sunscreen?

If you love pink lips and want your lips to maintain its youthfulness then you should start using lipsticks or lip balms with sun protection formula. However, there is no fixed cream or medicine that will completely protect your skin from sunlight. But using a lip sunscreen will work greatly. You can start off by switching your lip essentials to products containing SPF.

Switch your lip balm to sunblock lip balm:

You may be a fan of banana lip balm or you could have some of the expensive lip balms in your stock. But using lip balms for only hydration and moisturizing is not enough. If your lips are dark and continuously exposed to the sun you should definitely use a sun block lip balm.  This will help you to hydrate, moisturize and protect your lips simultaneously from the harmful UV rays.  If you are a drug store lip balm fan then there a lot of best drugstore lip balm with SPF you can go for. On the contrary, if you like putting on organic products then there are also ways to go for. You can simply choose one of the best organic lip balms with SPF.  Using any of such lip balms on a regular basis will protect your lips to a great extinct.

How much SPF is needed? Is SPF 15 enough for lips?

Spf literally means sun protection is a measure of UV protection. The sun releases harmful UV rays. The direct exposure of skin to such rays may result in sunburn and cell damage. But note that applying a lip sunscreen with a higher SPF will not completely protect your lips. No product with SPF will do it 100 % even it has lip sunblock SPF 100.  Majority of the products in the market have an SPF of 15.  If you ask how much you should put on or what would be the parameter of SPF then you should know that it will provide protection of 93 %. On the other hand, there are products like supergoopacaifusion lip balm SPF 30 that provides protection of 97%. However, now you decide is SPF 15 enough for lips or not?

All you need to know if you are new in lip sunscreen

While dealing with lip sunburn there is some common question that we have to deal with. If you are just going to start with lip sunscreen then this part might help you. We have tried to accumulate those in the following.

Can we put normal sunscreen on lips?

Well, there is no specification in this case. No book or dermatologist tells that you cannot use normal sunscreen on lips. Nowadays putting on spf on lips is really very necessary. But it is better to use products in particularity. The skin cells of your lips are really different from that of your face right? That is the reason why you shouldn’t be using an all-purpose sunscreen for your sunburned lips. In fact, you should for the best lip balm with SPF for dark lips. Therefore an SPF lip balm would be a better choice.

Can you sleep with sunscreen on?

Sleeping with sunscreen on may cost you more than money. Majority of the people have switched to SPF moisturizers leaving the common moisturizer. People these days like everything multi-functional. Moreover, for an easier lifestyle, some keep the same moisturizers for day and night. What if those moisturizers contain SPF? Well, the day and night creams are made for different purposes. If your night cream contains sun block then you shouldn’t be putting it on night whether in lips or face. First of all your skin is not at all exposed to sunlight at night. Therefore putting on sunscreen at night is ridiculous.

Moreover, your skin needs some extra relaxation at night. Human skins tend to be repaired at night. The repairing process is all done naturally and automatically. Putting on sunscreen at night will surely disrupt the natural process of your skin. Sunscreen on the skin at night will clog the pores of your skin causing dryness, breakouts and other relative problems. Therefore it’s better not to put sunscreen at night.

What can I use if I don’t have sunscreen?

If you don’t have sunscreen then you can for some of the natural remedies. Moreover, there are people who like to go all natural. They like skin care to be in the most natural way. Instead of sunscreen, there are some ways to adapt. HowIf you are into no chemicals rule then the first thing you should do is to start protective clothing. Protective clothing is an amazing sunblock. This is the most natural and effective way to protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Moreover, you can use masks at though time with the sun. Besides, bring a change in your skincare routine.

You can use some essential oils like coconut oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, cottonseed oil or olive oil for resisting sunburn. Such oils have good propriety to resist sunburn. On the other hand, using sandalwood paste on a regular basis will help to ease sunburn keeping your skin beautiful. Keeping all these aside, recently there are companies who provide natural sunscreen. If you want to avoid any kind of chemical interference to your skin you can go for a natural lip sunscreen.

What can I use if I am allergic to sunscreen?

Well, skin type differs from person to person. However it won’t be a matter of surprise if you are allergic to sunscreen. Not every element of cream or product suits every skin. There are tons of famous lip sunscreens like Nivea a kiss of protection, Neutrogena revitalizing lip balm SPF 20, products with SPF 50 lip protection but they are of no use if you are allergic to them. In this case what we suggest is to go as natural as you can. That is to adopt the most natural remedies.

First of all, try avoiding the sun as much as you can. As told earlier use protective clothing and masks. Switch to a mineral sunscreen if possible. If natural oils suits you then you can definitely use those oils. These will benefit you in both the ways.

What if I don’t use sunscreen on lips?

 Keeping all these in mind, if you don’t use sunscreen on lips it will because unexpected damage causing a long term effect. Direct exposure to sunlight may increase the possibility of skin cancer. It may also cause the damage of your cells resulting in dark and malnourished lips. It’s better to use a lip balm with SPF or a drug store lipstick with SPF.

Sun is the source of each and every energy. It is the rays of the sun without which you won’t be able to get vitamin d properly. No matter whatever medicine or capsule to consume there is always a need for sunlight. But the ultraviolet rays are simultaneously harmful to your skin. Therefore good protection is needed indeed. As your lips are as essential as your face you should be using a lip sunscreen besides a facial one.

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