Swollen on Lips Causes: Symptoms with Briefing Details

We cannot hide our lips. Any abnormality (Swelling) happens on the lips, people notice it fast and start questioning “why is my lip swelling”? As well this types of question are difficult and annoying to answering. We face many painful and embarrassing swollen on lips causes. Swollen Lips are one of the common issues we face. Basically, inside the soft tissue of lips when inflammation occurs by liquefied is called Swelling Lip.

Simply, we can describe Swelling Lip as – enlarge, or expanding lips which are beyond their normal size.

What are the swollen on lips causes: below are the details for your help!

swollen on lips causes

Various reasons can define for swollen on lips causes. At times these reasons turn from minor to major conditions. Because of this type causes, life becomes risky afterward.  But most of them will resolve on their own. Like as,

  • In the reaction to allergies.
  • Infected smiley piercing
  • Bacterial infection of the mouth.
  • Inflammation reactions.
  • Infections of the lip (Canker Sore).
  • Injury on lips due to lip biting or accidents
  • Some medical circumstance or medicine reaction also the cause of lip swelling.

If you do not understand why the lip has swollen, then you should go to a doctor. If this happens due to cold conditions difficult to breathe and it does not decrease within a few days, then immediately need to visit a doctor.

Besides, the following are the cause of Swelling Lips. Sometimes the same effect happened for various reasons. Own efforts can cure some of these swollen lips.

01. Lips Sun-Burned Effect

On occasion, chapped lips appear for too dry for very windy weather. Most of the people lick this chapped lip. They think this licking is making their lips hydrates. It is wrong; rather, the lip may swell because of this. To prevent this swollen on lips causes, you can use most of the following:

Applied petroleum jelly or lip balm those contain beeswax. Lip items which contain sunscreen. Must be avoided licking the lips. Do not try to peel off any dry, layered lip skin.

02. Allergic Reactions

Swollen for Allergic Reaction

Many times we have unknowingly eaten allergic foods, or need to work in the presence of dust and pollen contact, insect bites. due to the reaction of the medicine is the causes of swelling lips. Another cause of swelling appears for an allergic reaction on the lips. When it takes place both inside and outside of mouth it is difficult to talk. Voice changes in hoarse, through drying and coughing also occurs very frequently. It is complicated to breathe, and the whole face color becomes bluish. That is why life becomes risky.

In this situation must be taken necessary treatment by doctor’s advice. And in case of an emergency, you should take “Cetirizine Hydrochloride BP 10mg.”

03. Injuries: (Accidentally cut the lip or burned)

Occasionally, our lips are burning by hot liquid drinking or hit in the mouth to eat hot food. It can cause swelling. Sometimes accidentally cut on lips and swollen. Most of the time by using cold pack it will resolve by a few days, but if it has injured severe, then you need to take medication from a doctor. And also need to follow the following advice to avoid complications:

  • Need to have soft food for 3/4 days to recover from injuries.
  • Wash out debris from the mouth by gurgle with water.
  • Avoid spicy food for the few days before resolving this problem
  • Follow and maintain the doctor’s advice

04. Angioedema: (Children are more victims than adult)


Many people have the problem of swelling of the tissue inside the skin. Occasionally, we wake up with sudden swelling in our upper lips. In Medical science, it says “Angioedema.” Often it appears to the eye and lips. Herpes is a virus infection. Its common thing is wearing blisters. There is also a cold sour which results from the lip swells. Sometimes, medicine infections are the cause of inflammatory skin that is the cause of inflammation of cheilitis and swollen lips. 5% – 8% of children and 1% – 2% of adults are affected by Angioedema lips. Another similar infection is gingivostomatitis which spreads from mouth to outer lips.

One of the big triggers of Angioedema is animal pelage. Also with hit, cold or sunlight, insect bites, some medicines antibiotics, non- steroid drugs, some medicine for blood pressure.

05. Food Allergies Reaction

Once in a while, on a sudden morning, we wake up with bottom lip swollen. we do not find any reason for this swelling. Basically, food allergies are the common reason for the swollen lips. Different people have different types of food allergy. Most common allergenic foods are Shellfish, Nuts, Dairy products, Egg of Ducks, Cow meat, Sesame seeds, Most of the winter vegetables.

Besides this, other reactions of Puffed lips are including Wasp, Exercise, Latex, Some medicines, Pollens or other inhaled allergens, Pet hair, anaphylaxis.

06. Lip Fraenulum and Numbness: (Hemorrhagic stroke prognosis also cause Lip Swelling)

Hemorrhagic stroke prognosis

Have you wondered to think about the reason of woke up with a swollen lip? Well, the most common reason for this problem is to point out below:

Dental including dental esthetics, Plastic surgeries, Hemorrhagic stroke prognosis, infected penetration on your lip, and furthermore inflamed. Also have Lip beauty products like lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses, and granulomatous cheilitis. All these are the cause of lip frenulum.

7. Angular Cellulitis

It is the one kind of bacterial lip infection. This cheilitis cause lips become reddish, single or both lip corners are cracked. Soft lip skin that is usually swollen and warm. You face the Exfoliative Cheilitis with a painful blister in the corner of the lips. It is also the causes of the cold sore.

In conclusions I love to say, most of all causes of swelling lip problems are shown you above. Please don’t be worry about it. Rather then, you will feel comfortable to know that, most of the problems able to solve by using the God gifted natural home remedies. For this, “how to get rid of swollen lips by using home remedies” will help you. All those have no side effects.

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