All About the Benefits of Oils for Lips that No One Tells You

 Using oil for lips before lipstick is a common process of the beauty bloggers now! If you are a natural beauty lover and love taking care of your lips in the most natural way then trust me using oil is the best choice to go for. Lips are an integral part of your skincare routine. No one wants to compromise it for anything neither do I. If you are wondering can you put oil on lips? It’s definitely yes! Using lip oil on a regular basis and the benefits of oils for lips are so much more than you can think.

Why Oils for Lips?

Oils for lips is the best natural lip hydration. Without spending much on costly lip balms and lip moisturizer go for lip oil. Oils for lips are the best natural lip softener. The main aim of using oils on lips is to leave a soft, cozy and moisturizing effect. Moreover, this is one of the most natural and ancient beneficial ways to go for. Well, there is a lot of discussion regarding this topic over the internet. If you are confused about which one too for and what they do or you then you are in the right place. We will tell you about some of the important benefits of oils for lips.

Benefits of Essential Oils

There are so many benefits of essential oils, we will tell you about some of the important benefits of oils for lips later. But first, let us get to know some of the common benefits :

•    Some oils can be used as a multipurpose one. as like coconut oil and olive oil can be used as a moisturizer, scrub and even sometimes a toner.

•    Some oils will give you extra moisture compare to any other balms or lip glosses

•    Lip oils are widely used before putting on lipsticks. This doesn’t make your lips dry and even helps in more longevity.

  • Prevents lips from dehydration 

   Oils like tea tree oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil have medical benefits. Tea tree oil can treat severe lip infections. Inflammatory lips can be prevented by lavender oil. On the other hand, peppermint oil will also work for any kind of burning sensation.

What Essential Oils are Good for Lips?

Essential oils are a kind of natural magic that actually works! It is beneficial for lips as the way it’s for the face. Usage of essential oil for dark lips cracked lips and chapped lips are one of the most effective ways.  In order to get the list of essential oils, these following are the most effective best to go for:

•    Benefits of Coconut Oil

A lot of people ask is it bad to put on your lips?  This really surprises me. As, Coconut oil for lips is the most common, ancient and best remedy. There are so many benefits of coconut oil on skin. Leaving coconut oil on lips overnight primarily moisturizes your lips leaving a permanent soothing effect. Moreover, coconut oil uses for dark circles and pink lips and it is the best process. Cracked and chapped lips are common Issue especially due to weather conditions or even dry skin conditions. You need not worry because coconut oil is indeed multipurpose. You can use oil as a moisturizer, scrub, and cleanser as well.

•    Jojoba Oil for Lips

organic jojoba oil

Well, this is just another trending essential oil. Jojoba oil is amazingly famous for skin and hair. Nowadays it has an increased customer demand for lips also. Jojoba oil will nourish your lips deep and down. Moreover, jojoba oil is known as an instant relief from chapped or cracked lips. Dropping a few drops of pure jojoba oil on your lips and leaving it for only 15 minutes will make you happy. If you want back the lost moisture of your lips then jojoba oil is a great instant choice.

•    Tea Tree Oil Benefits

One and all skin care conscious people have an idea about tree tea oil more or less.
Especially tea tree oil uses for skin care. Tea tree products have hugely taken over the internet. But the fact is can tea tree oil be used on lips? or is good tea tree oil for lips? The answer is it is beneficial in both the ways. It is good in the way of skin care and also in a medical way as well.  Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties along with antiviral, antifungal elements. That’s why the question arises does tea tree oil help infections? In fact, tea tree oil an effective medicine if you suffer from lip infections. Bleeding may cause if your lips are excessively cracked and ultimately lead to infections. Tea tree oil will help you treat such infections and infections of any other king regarding skin.

•     Olive Oil For Lips

benefits of olive oil for lips

The before and after results of using olive oil is surprising indeed. This is also an age-old usage.

 If you are not a fan of coconut oil then you can choose olive oil health benefits instead. You might already be aware of its health benefits. Using a few drops of olive oil on your lips during winter will provide a heavy duty. You can even make your own DIY lip oil by mixing any other useful ingredient or use it as a sugar and olive oil scrub.

•    Lavender Oil Benefits

Lavender oil is also known as a portion of skin food. It is one of the most excessively hydrating oils for your lips. Lavender oil can also be used as a lip balm by mixing with any other essential oil. If you have itchy or inflammatory lips lavender will soothe it. Again, if you want to get rid of chapped lips just mix a few drops of coconut oil with few drops of pure lavender oil and apply. You will definitely be in love with lavender scent. This oil will beautifully hydrate your lips leaving a beautiful scent.

•    Peppermint Oil For Lips

how to use-peppermint oil

How can peppermint keep my lips beautiful? Is peppermint essential oil safe for lips? or good for lips? How to use it? I know you are confused! Don’t worry peppermint is as good as all other oils described. There are many benefits of peppermint essential oil. Peppermint oil is a refreshing aromatic oil originating from India. Peppermint oil has mint properties in it. Such properties help to soothe your skin and give a cooling effect. Therefore if you are suffering from burning lips that then use peppermint oil. You can also use peppermint oil lip balm. This will relieve your lips from the burning sensation. On the contrary, you will feel refreshed, energized and stimulating indeed with the benefits of this essential oil.

Benefits of Vitamin E Oil For Lips

Another most powerful anti-aging oil is vitamin E for healthy & smoothie lips. Nowadays most of the people are using this oil with their daily skin and hair care products. Vitamin E can rejuvenate your health as well as beauty because it is powerful, fat-soluble, antioxidant. You can find an endless number of beauty products that have vitamin E as a main ingredient. You can use it for enhancing beauty for your skin & lips.

How to apply:

  • Take a ½ teaspoon of honey with a ½ teaspoon of vitamin E oil.
  • Then mix them well & apply this on your lips
  • Apply this mixture daily before going to bed. It makes your lips soft & smooth.

Lastly, keeping the above oils aside there are some other ones also.  As like Clarins lip oil that comes in a beautiful packaging having beautiful colors, avocado oil, chamomile oil, grape seed oil etc. Remember one thing that the usage of oils for lips depend mostly on your skin type. So does the benefits of oils for lips. So, these were the favorites of one and all (exception in medical condition) for some extra care of lips.

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