Having Painful Chapped & Windburned Lips? Treat and Prevent

Are you amazed by finding the word ‘windburn’ as you might have heard of sunburn or burnt in any other way and so thinking how wind can burn something? If you are still oblivious to this fact, then don’t be perplexed anymore because here in this article we will present you with the details of windburn keeping windburned lips on focus. We humbly request you to stay with us till the end for your own betterment with the information provided. You can get rid of the problems in the most possible ways.


What is a Wind Burn?

Windburn is basically a condition that denotes the redness and burning of your skin.  As the problem of windburn face, the lips can be also attacked. The outer areas may have been attacked after you spend quality time outside of the home in the windy and cold air. In the opinion of a number of experts, the windburn you are attacked with during dry and cold months is essentially sunburn while some others regard it as a completely distinct condition. The skin can be wind chafed. Even your face, hands, legs, cheeks; all these can tend to be affected by windburn sensation. Lip windburn is a sensitive factor.

Whatever the explanation of shower burn is according to the experts, the most important matter is- it’s painful! Hence, you must stick to the writing to know how to prevent windburn. The windburn rash is harmful.


What Causes Red and Dry Lips?

Windburned lips, also known as chapped lips, predominantly caused to your lips as soon as your skin starts losing its natural oil due to excessive cold and dehydrated air. The windburn symptoms can occur with the red and dry lips. The “Skin Cancer Foundation” states that the wind is widely responsible for the reduction of the quantity of natural defense that your skin preserves against the UV rays. This is why your lips might be more vulnerable to the sun on a windy and cold day. To know how to cure windburn, you have to look for the details of windburn.

Dry And Red Lip
Dry And Red Lip

In addition to these causes, there are some more essential skin conditions that can also escalate the probability of a pair of windburned lips. The conditions comprise eczema and windburn rosacea. To say in a simple word, if you have already undergone a dermatologic procedure like a chemical peel or dermabrasion, your skin including lips will be more sensitive to the cold air. The reason is such a procedure removes the outward layer of the skin. These are the windburned lips symptoms.


How to Get Rid of Windburned Lips?

There are numerous ways of getting rid of your horribly chapped lips but it is difficult for you to pick the best ones for you. Therefore, here, we have listed the top lip care tips at home. We hope these windburn remedies will work for you magically. Know about how to treat windburned lips. These can help you to windburn protection. Windburned lips home remedy is available here.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Apply a spoonful of Aloe Vera to the affected parts of your lips and leave it to be dried out. Repeat the procedure at least three times per day if the windburned parts become painful. This can heal the problem and also helpful for chapped lip treatment.


To cure cracked lips corner with oatmeal, take 2 tablespoons of its mix and get it ready following the guidelines of the label. Don’t forget to leave out milk, sugar, or any added element and don’t apply the solution over your affected lips before cooling down in room temperature. Finally, apply the paste on the lips and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Repeat the procedure 3 times per day for the best result.



At first, make a paste of a whole cucumber by blending. Then, apply the paste consistently over the lips and massage it mildly over the affected parts. Finally, rinse the paste with cool and clean water after 10-15 minutes. The procedure should be repeated up to 3 times every day. However, for a better result, Aloe Vera can be poured into the paste. These are the home remedies for windburn.



Sunburn and Windburn Lips? What is the Difference?

Though sunburn and windburn are two different things yet you might have been oblivious to this fact. Therefore, for you, here follows a brief differentiation section between these two:

Sunburn attacks you when you are open to the detrimental UV rays of the sun. The rays cause direct harm to the DNA of your skin cells that ultimately results in age spots and bruising just below the line. Sunburns can shove you to the utmost risk causing skin cancer about what you must have already been aware of.

On the other hand, windburn is a problem of your skin when it gets dry coming to touch of excessive cold and windy air. The touch of such air increases the rate of your skin’s loss of its natural oil or wind-chapped face. Eventually, your skin gets so dry that you start getting the feeling of your skin’s being harsh and cleaved. Especially, the lips that contain the softest tissues are badly affected and cause you the ultimate pain.


How Long Does Windburn Last

According to Experts, the windburned lips can take time to heal according to its severity. You can feel quite better after some few days. During the healing period, the skin may peel again like before. But in hectic cases blisters may occur with fluids coming, so your lips may need more time to heal. You have to know about how to cure windburn on lips to fight this.

The Effectiveness of Vaseline for Wind Burned Lips

Getting a pair of chapped lips from cold weather you may think over: what is good for sore lips? You may adapt treatment for dry blistered lips with traditional elements following typical procedures, but have you ever thought of the effectiveness of the ointment-based lip balm? Haven’t yet, or foster hesitation? Then, this is to let you know that vaseline can heal your windburn to keep the affected area moisturize and preventing bacteria and other harmful elements from worsening the condition. Moreover, vaseline acts as a windshield and so the cold wind can’t directly touch your skin. So, we recommend you to apply a light layer of it to the skin while going outside.

How Do I Know if I Have Wind Burn?

Wind burned lips

Sometimes it is seen that people have been suffering from deadly diseases without being aware from the beginning that worsens the condition. Similarly, you might have been suffering from the complexity of windburn but don’t know and so is not looking for treatment. However, the symptoms by which you can be aware of it follow below.

The symptoms are quite identical with those of sunburn: firstly, you may have red rings around lips; then, you will feel the skin to be harsh and can even feel that the skin is chapping that will cause you slight or serious pain; furthermore, the skin will begin to peel. Try the windburn treatment, you will feel the differences.



So, this was all about windburned lips. We hope that you have gone through the entire writing and found each section significant. Finally, we expect that you will be more careful about your skin and take precautionary measures to protect it from windburn following our guideline. This is where our success lies.             


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